Upcoming Webinars

Preparing for on-site visits and being up to date with the latest organizing tools is what separates a good organizer from a great, UA organizer. In the following webinars, we’ll walk you through the tools that can help you do the great work you do everyday. NationBuilder can help you access your contacts, conversations, and organizing drive in one place.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Each organizing drive and site-visit is different, we’ll walk you through using NationBuilder to record all the twists and turns of an organizing drive.

  • You’ve talked to someone who’s interested in becoming a UA member, we’ll show you how to record that contact into NationBuilder and plan your next step.

  • Your on-site visit is tomorrow, we’ll point to checking employers’ profiles to see who works there.

 Log on here: https://cstreet.webinarninja.co/my/wnwebinarlist/index?webinar_id=58675

1. You & NationBuilder (45 Minutes)

March 8

1:30 PM



Locals, Organizers

Course Description:

At on-site visits, you are UA’s ear on the ground. You collect some really important information about UA members. But what do you with all that data, and how do you keep it in one secure place? With NationBuilder we’ll walk you through logging all your contact so you can refer to past conversations and search for a specific person in minutes. In this one hour webinar, we’ll introduce you to NationBuilder, go through the steps of an organizing drive, and respond to your questions about what’s coming up in the NationBuilder pipeline.

Topics Covered:

  • What’s coming up in these webinars

  • Introduction to the Dashboard > People > Person’s profile

  • Updating the database with your notes

    • Creating a person

    • Logging contact

  • Search: Searching by contact or by person

  • Filtering/Tags/Lists

  • Recording a contact

  • Merging duplicates

Watch it here: http://ualocals-cstreet.nationbuilder.com/webinars

2. NationBuilder in the field (1 Hour)

March 15

1:30 PM



Locals, Organizers

Course Description:

Every organizing drive is different. And NationBuilder knows that. For that reason, the platform gives you the ability to collect and refer to conversations and prep for all situations organizers might be in. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through how NationBuilder can be with you along the various twists and turns of the organizing pipeline, and how it can get you the output you want.

Topics Covered:

  • Summary of First Webinar

  • Back to person’s profile

  • Turning filters and searches into lists

  • Exporting lists and then what to do with them after a visit

  • Recording work: Paths & Goals


3. NationBuilder and Locals (30 Minutes)

March 22

1:30 PM




Course Description:

Your organizers just brought back a treasure trove of data from an on-site visit. What do you do with it and how do you make sure the data has integrity? This webinar will go over the way in which you will interact with this data, make sure it was plugged in correctly. It will also go over how you can use this data to send emails, send mass SMSes, review paths and goals, and how you can target certain prospects strategically to convert prospects into UA members.

Topics Covered:

  • Summary of first two webinars

  • Events

  • What do you see, what do your locals see

  • Data best practices

  • Troubleshooting from organizers

  • Advanced Paths & Goals

  • Targeting and segmenting your database

  • Sending emails and SMSes

    • Who to send to and when

  • Apprenticeship applications and how to manage them