Revised October 8, 2019

The United Association’s social media accounts were established to communicate news and other information to UA members, their families and other stakeholders. On sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. the UA has opted to allow comments on its posts so that members have the opportunity to share their perspectives with the UA and their brothers and sisters across North America. In exchange, we expect members, and other users, to refrain from posting anything on UA social media that:

· Is discriminatory, hateful, harassing or threatening;
· Is obscene, profane or vulgar;
· Violates copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights;
· Is defamatory or invades a person’s privacy;
· Constitutes spamming or trolling;
· Is off-topic, i.e., unrelated to the original post;
· Includes advertising or solicitation;
· Advocates for or against candidates for union office; or
· Attacks the UA as an institution or discloses proprietary, confidential or other information that interferes with the performance of its legal or contractual obligations.

The UA will block or restrict the access of users who violate this policy and remove the offending content. In the case of a more serious violation, such as a threat of physical violence, internal union charges, contacts with law enforcement, and/or other action may also be pursued.

Communications with the UA through UA social media shall in no way constitute a legal or official notice or comment to the UA. In addition, UA members seeking assistance from the UA should contact the UA General Office by letter, email or phone—and not through social media.

A final note to UA members: The ground rules in this policy represent only minimum standards of conduct on social media. Please remember that your words and deeds often reflect on your union and fellow members. We are all stewards of a proud UA tradition, and it is up to each and every one of us to represent it well, on the job site, in the community, and on social media.

This policy takes effect immediately. Everyone is expected to fully comply with the requirements of this policy.