Labour Day 2017


Brothers and Sisters,

It seems to me that our day of celebration should come at the beginning of summer and not the end.

Here we are looking back at the summer, wondering how it passed so quickly and hoping that this weekend will be one to remember. The best weather of the year, the best memories and a fitting final few days before school starts and we return to the routines that help us survive our Canadian winters.

It seems that, for many, that is how they view Labour Day. A day when we should celebrate all that organized labour has fought for and all the gains they have made for workers in this country.

Yes, we should thank those who went before us, those with the foresight to come together and bargain collectively for better wages and conditions, for safe workplaces and work weeks that afford us time to spend with our loved ones.

But we also need to celebrate the future. A future where organized Labour will continue to lead the way in improving our workplaces through gender equality, diversity and youth outreach. A future where we will eliminate workplace injuries and occupational disease and a future where those who oppose us will join with us to guarantee a just and honourable way of life for all Canadian workers.

Have a safe and memorable weekend! Enjoy all that we have accomplished and continue to be #UAProud!!!

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Steve Morrison 


September 01, 2017
Contact: Sylvie Maria Filion